Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to setup OpenCV ?

As I mentioned before, OpenCV is an open source library of computer vision in C/C++. Before you can use it, of course you must have Visual C/C++ or Visual.Net installed in your PC. Me, I'm using Visual C++ 6.0 for my project.

The following are the procedures to setup OpenCV:

  1. Download the OpenCV installation file from here. Find the latest version.
  2. Run (double click) the installation file. After completed, you will get OPENCV icon menu in your PROGRAM.
  3. Make a linking in the system PATH to OpenCV DLLs files, using the below steps:
  • Click My Computer --> Properties --> Advanced --> Environment Variables --> Systems variable --> highlight PATH --> Edit.
  • Add "C:\Program Files\OpenCV\bin" to PATH. The location of OpenCV DLL files might be differentEach different path file is separated by semicolon (;)
  • If your OpenCV is already opened, you should close it then open again to take effect of the new path.
4. Customize the GLOBAL OPTIONS- In your OpenCV window, click Tools --> Options and select Directories tab
  • Select directories for Include files, then add four OpenCV directories as show in the figure.
  • Also add OpenCV directories for Library & Search files (see the figure)

Now your OpenCV is ready for creating your own project. How to develop a project using OpenCV? Be patient for the next tutorial.

If you have problems or suggestion related to this article, please feel free to give comments. TQ.


Sunu Wibirama said...

Mas.....ada referensi OpenCV :

masimet said...

terima kasih mas wibi, mari kita belajar dan saling share ttg opencv

Che' D said...

Salam...saya memang sedang mencari tentang openCV ni. Sangat membantu saya :) Next time kalau saya "hang" programming openCV ni, boleh la tanya ye

masimet said...

ok, kita bisa buat discussion

Pesce Ruspante said...

I'm trying to use them from matlab, i feel confused... better to wait the saturday night alchool to leave my blood.


Sierpinski said...


My compilation and linking process is perfect and i do not have errors, but during the run process i do have the error message (0xc0150002).

I follow step by step your tutorial with Visual C++.

what do i need to do?

Anonymous said...


This is ALEXIS from the Philippines, I use MATLAB 7.0 before for parallel port control and I am so thankful that you gave some tutorial for everyone. I think that from now on I will checkout this Blogspot.. I'm also doing some projects of my own like robotics and data Acquisition and a little on embedded design .I just stop doing it when I was engaged on a work which is not related on my course as an ECE but actually I'm starting to learn it again.. thanks ... I really like your tutorial...

Anonymous said...

Jazak ALLAH hu Khairen kaseera;

Anonymous said...

tanong ko lang hindi ko mahanap yung global action nya..