Saturday, July 26, 2008

cxcore100.dll or highgui100.dll not found error

Several days ago, my friend ask me about DLL file linking error. This is the problem:

PROBLEM: When I run my project, OpenCV gave an error like this:
"This application has failed to start because cxcore100.dll was
not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

SOLUTION: Add OpenCV DLL (...OpenCV/bin) directory to system PATH.
For detail of how to add to the system PATH, please refer to my previous posting: How to setup OpenCV ?

The same solution is also solved the error caused by missing others DLL files, such as highgui100.dll not found.

Some friends suggested to copy cxcore100.dll to the directory of the .exe file. But ofcourse it's tedious since we should copy every time we create a project.

Good luck! If you still got problems, please write in comment area.


mary said...

hola, soy de Perú, tenia el mismo problema con el "highgui100.dll" pero ya lo solucione arreglando la direccion en el "path", ahora no sale ese error, pero ahora no ejecuta el programa, es decir no aparecen las imagenes o lo q deberia salir al ejecutar el programa, simplemente la ventana negra que dice:"press any key to continue" ...¿cual crees que sea el problema?
porque no se visualiza las imagenes que deberia mostrar mi programa?

masimet said...

hello mary, can you write your comments in English? thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello dear, adding the opencv bin path to system path did not solve my problem.Besides, all other configurations are correct since i can build the application without an error. One point to state is, the name of my system path string is "Path", not "PATH". Would this cause a problem?

balzach said...

Try to copy the dll files to Windows' System32 folder. This is the default search path for dynamically linked files.

manchu said...

hi.. i am wrapping the face detection code using jni.. i was able to link it when using opencv..but now since i am wrapping it i am running it from command promt.. i am able to generate a header file but atfer that when i try running my c code it's showing errors.. can you help me please

manchu said...

i meant i was able to link with libraries.. in opencv ..

Eff said...

Saya mengalami error cxcore100.dll dan saya unistall & install opencv lg kemudian highgui100.dll pula error. Saya dah set pd enviroment dan global path, juga error highgui100.dll. Jika ada penyelesaian hrp dpt tunjuk ajar

dudil7 said...

To the one asking if it is importent if the path to openCV bin directory will be saved in Path or PATH it is very importent you should save it under the variable PATH. why ?
If you are working with visual C++ you will see in tools-> options -> projects and solutions -> VC++ directories -> "show directories for" combo -> executable files the entry $(PATH) with captial letters only.

Subash said...

i wrote a code from the site below

for loading and displaying images and i got the following errors

Subash said...

sorry the errors were this

'abc.exe': Loaded 'C:\Documents and Settings\Subash KC\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\abc\debug\abc.exe', Symbols loaded.
'abc.exe': Loaded 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll', No symbols loaded.
'abc.exe': Loaded 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll', No symbols loaded.
'abc.exe': Loaded 'C:\Program Files\OpenCV\bin\highgui110.dll', No symbols loaded.
'abc.exe': Loaded 'C:\Program Files\OpenCV\bin\cxcore110.dll', No symbols loaded.
LDR: LdrpWalkImportDescriptor() failed to probe C:\Program Files\OpenCV\bin\cxcore110.dll for its manifest, ntstatus 0xc0150002
Debugger:: An unhandled non-continuable exception was thrown during process load
The program '[2688] abc.exe: Native' has exited with code -1072365566 (0xc0150002).

Anonymous said...


I have a question for you. Do you know why the application cant run in Debug mode BUT can run in Release mode even though i have downloaded and pasted the openCV.dll in both Debug and Release folder of my project folder??

Because when I set to release mode by right clicking the Solution 'WindowsFormsApplication4' and select properties, Under Configuration Properties, I set the Configuration to Release in the 'Configuration' column then apply and click ok, my Project can run.

But when i set it to debug mode. it cant run.

I hope you can kindly explain here. I'll be waiting. :)

Led said...

I get this error:

LDR: LdrpWalkImportDescriptor() failed to probe C:\WINDOWS\system32\cxcore110.dll for its manifest, ntstatus 0xc0150002
Depurador:: excepción no controlada y no continuada durante la carga del proceso
El programa '[3608] NF1-Led.exe: Nativo' terminó con código -1072365566 (0xc0150002).

I try everything you said, any idea =S ?, Thnaks

Anonymous said...

I am new to OpenCV and I am sorry to say that for the beginning I have simply knocked into a great problem: I cannot run my OpenCV 2.0 application in MS Visual Studio 2008, despite the fact that is compiles without errors and the build succeeds.
The error message I get is: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002) . Click OK to close the application" . I also mention that I have tried to solve this problem by installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package(both vcredist_x86, as well as vcredist_x86_ sp1), but unfortunately to no use. To me it is intriguing the fact that on my other computer it worked just fine, with exactly the same settings. Any idea why this is happening?
I would kindly appreciate your help, thanks in advance!


AMB said...

Thanks very much. This was a huge help. I should have known to look for this .dll bundled in with OpenCV.

Thanks very much for posting.